Meets standards for general nutrition food

You can supplement the daily nutrient needs (vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.)
for your dog to stay healthy just with Natural Millet One and water, so it's safe to give to puppies and senior dogs.
By adding nutrient-rich millet, carefully selected safe ingredients from Japan,
and functionality to maintain health at every life stage, we have created the ideal dog food filled with love.


Sustainable, high-quality pet food that is “human grade”

Our products are designed to support the health and well-being of your dog, an important member of your family, with safe, secure and carefully selected domestic ingredients.
With no additives, coloring, flavoring, or preservatives, and our special non-oil coating manufacturing method, we have achieved “human grade” products that are safe for human consumption.
Natural Millet One pursues maximum performance as a dog food so that owners can give it to their dogs with peace of mind.
We want to give dogs a taste of the original flavor of ingredients without unnecessary flavors, colors, or taste enhancers.



  • Uses select ingredients from Kyushu and other parts of Japan

    We use carefully selected ingredients that are safe and secure, including domestically produced meat, fish, and fiber-rich millet. We provide dog food that allows dogs to experience the flavorful and natural taste produced by these ingredients, and that owners can give to their dogs with complete peace of mind.
    〇 Uses 100% domestic chicken meat
    〇 Uses delicious pesticide-free and pesticide-reduced Japanese vegetables and rice with millet
    〇 Uses non-GMO produce
    Sustainable pet food that for producer sustainability Another reason for using domestic ingredients is to give support to the producers who sustain Japan's primary industries.
    Our goal is to become a sustainable pet food company that strives to create a sustainable system for producers.

  • Additive-free for safety and peace of mind Meets standards for general nutrition food

    With no fragrances, coloring, synthetic preservatives, or synthetic antioxidants (BHA, BHT, excitocin, propyl gallate), we care about safety and peace of mind.
    We want our furry friends to enjoy the original flavorful taste of ingredients, and with millet rich in minerals and other nutrients, and safe ingredients from Japan that are high in protein and low in fat, we have met the standards for general nutrition food.
    You can supplement their daily nutrient needs just with Natural Millet One and water.

  • Adds functionality to match life stages

    Our high-quality dog food has added functionality to maintain health at every life stage, and is designed to be delicious and safe.
    For dogs from 0 to 6 years old Each bag contains 1 trillion lactic acid bacteria, the equivalent of 1,000 cups of yogurt. Increasing the number of good bacteria can help improve the odor of stool and urine.
    For dogs 7 years and older Glucosamine and chondroitin were added to maintain healthy legs! They help to keep joints healthy so that your dog can run around with endless energy.
  • Non-oil coating manufacturing method

    There is an oil coating process to finish ordinary dry dog food.
    Animal fats and oils with added flavors and other ingredients to enhance the flavor are sprayed on the surface of the pellets.
    Natural Millet One is non-oil-coated, which lets dogs taste the original flavor of ingredients, and since it does not repel water, it has a high water absorption and is easily digested in the stomach.
    Place it in your hands to experience the natural aroma and lack of stickiness characteristic of dog food.

  • Wheat gluten-free and food allergy conscious!

    Wheat gluten is difficult to digest, and can be hard on your dog's stomach and cause allergies. Wheat is used in many dog foods, but Natural Millet One uses no wheat gluten and is food allergy conscious.
    There has been an increase in recent years of grain-free dog foods that do not contain any millet rich in the nutrients dogs need. However, Natural Millet One products contain carefully selected millet that provides dietary fiber, minerals, and other nutrients that cannot be obtained from meat alone.
    Just like it is difficult for humans to digest raw rice, dogs have trouble digesting raw grains. Natural Millet One uses millet that has been milled, heated, and dried after being puffed, which makes it gentle on their stomachs and easy to digest, so you can give it to them with peace of mind.

  • Achieves human grade quality

    Human grade means it has a standard that is equivalent to food eaten by humans. Natural Millet One products are made from fresh and safe raw ingredients that can be eaten by humans to ensure that your dog can live a long and healthy life.

  • Has simple design that fits any room

    We tried to create a simple design that fits naturally into any room, without being noticeable as dog food at first glance.
    The packages are made of a combination of naturally textured kraft paper and aluminum bags, and have excellent moisture and light shielding properties.

  • Food-level manufacturing and quality control

    Natural Millet One is manufactured in a pet food factory in Kyushu, which is operated and managed by a company that has obtained external certifications including ISO 22005, JAS organic certification, and HACCP.
    We conduct thorough quality control from all perspectives to ensure taste and safety, and to achieve even higher quality.

Natural Millet One utilizes its relationships with farmers and livestock producers to use carefully selected raw ingredients from trusted sources in our pet food.
Thanks to the cooperation of farmers throughout Japan and livestock producers mainly in Kyushu, we are able to procure stable raw ingredients year-round.

  • We are committed to pesticide-free and organic farming. All of our employees experience labor-intensive agricultural work and use what they learn in their respective jobs and future agriculture.

  • We cooperate with breeders and use meat from Japan, where the breeding farms and methods are clear. We value the environment in which healthy chickens are raised, and do not administer drugs for purposes other than to treat diseases.

Millet is rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other nutrients, and each grain is unique and full of vitality.
Millet provides nutrients that dogs often lacking in their bodies and helps to maintain an internal balance.
By using carefully selected millet, we want to support the diet of the furry member of your family from their everyday food.


  • Natural Millet One
    Premium 0 to 6 years old

    (for growing puppies and adult dogs up to about 6 years old)

    It contains functional ingredients (1 trillion lactic acid bacteria per bag = equivalent to 1,000 cups of yogurt) for growing puppies and adult dogs up to about 6 years old. Lactic acid bacteria help to proliferate good bacteria, and do not cause smelly stool or urine.

  • Natural Millet One
    Premium 7 years and older

    (for senior dogs 7 years and older)

    It contains glucosamine and chondroitin for the hip health of senior dogs 7 years and older. Glucosamine is an important component for cartilage. For dogs, it helps to maintain their joint health by preventing arthritis. Chondroitin also helps to keep water in cartilage, and both are more effective when taken together.

Recommended for dogs with these concerns!

“Their stool and breath have a bad odor”
“Their tear stains aren’t getting better”

Improve stool odor and bad breath!
Stool and mouth odors are caused by the intestinal environment.
Giving your dog food with many additives can increase bad bacteria and worsen their intestinal environment, leading to aging, indigestion, and bad odors.
Natural Millet One contains lactic acid bacteria that increases good bacteria and improves the intestinal environment. Their bad breath will become less noticeable relatively quickly, and even dogs that have had smelly stool for a long time will improve in about a week, eventually changing to smell like cooked rice.
Improve tear stains!
The additives or indigestible ingredients in dog food will become waste and clog their tear ducts, causing tears to overflow and make tear stains.
By using additive-free and safe ingredients, we care for your dog from the inside out, and tear stains will disappear in 3 to 4 weeks.


Q. Is it safe to use millet?
Just like it is difficult for humans to digest raw rice, dogs have trouble digesting raw grains.
Natural Millet One uses millet that has been milled, heated, and dried after being puffed, which makes it gentle on their stomachs and easy to digest.
Q. Do your products contain any additives?
We use no flavors, colors, preservatives, ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT so that your dog can have safe and comfortable meals. We are committed to additive-free products and have achieved “human grade” products that are safe for human consumption. *Only vitamins and minerals are added.
Q. Have precautions concerning allergies been taken?
Our products are wheat gluten-free, contains no flour, and are food allergy conscious.
Q. How should I switch from other dog food?
Start by mixing about 10% of our product into their current food, and gradually increase the amount.
We recommend gradually switching completely over about two weeks.
Q. What is the difference between general nutrition foods and other foods?
General nutrition foods are nutritionally balanced and can maintain good health just with additional water. Natural Millet One contains a good balance of various nutrients, so you can supplement the daily nutrient needs of your dog just with Natural Millet One and water.
Q. How do dogs enjoy it?
We have received many comments from customers, including: “My dog really enjoys eating it” and “My dog is a picky eater, but likes Natural Millet One and happily eats it.” Our dog food itself is made using a non-oil coating manufacturing method that gives it a natural bonito fish flavor. Some customers have even said that “there is no distinctive oil smell, so you would not know it was dog food just by smelling it.”
Q. Can the product be eaten by any dog breed?
Natural Millet One meets the criteria for a general nutrition food, and contains a good balance of the nutrients your dog needs every day.
It is safe for any dog breed.